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Our association is open to all disabled people, especially orthopaedics; To protect and develop their economic, social, cultural and professional rights and interests.

We are here to eliminate discriminatory practices and regulations in all areas;

and to ensure their effective participation in the life of society as free, productive individuals who have equal rights and opportunities with other segments of society, whose special needs are constantly taken into consideration.


The Association carries out the following activities to achieve the stated purpose;
1) To carry out studies for the functioning of the social state with all its institutions, to ensure that disabled people benefit from all health, education and other services free of charge, and to struggle for the creation of humane living conditions.

2) To carry out studies in the direction of prevention, treatment and development of the conditions that create disability, to inform and raise public awareness, to cooperate with relevant institutions, organizations and individuals, to organize joint studies, to participate in organized studies and events, to organize meetings, events and exhibitions with national and international participation.

3) To make periodical or non-periodical publications in order to announce the aims and works of the Association to the public and to realize inter-branch communication, to prepare web pages, publications in digital media and to deliver them to the public or to cooperate with the organizations that produce publications in accordance with the purposes of the association.

4) To establish or support the establishment of modern rehabilitation, physical therapy and care centres, facilities, holiday villages for health, social, educational and sports purposes that will benefit the disabled, to purchase, produce or to cooperate with the institutions and organizations that produce them.

5) To work to make physical environmental conditions, architectural arrangements and public transportation systems that limit, restrict and prevent participation in community life accessible to everyone, to participate in the making of necessary legal regulations, to strive for the implementation of the legislation in force, to cooperate with the central government and local governments in this field.

6) To benefit from all the opportunities provided by national and international legislation, to make administrative and legal initiatives for the disabled to benefit from their rights and freedoms, to ensure the representation of the disabled in all relevant boards, institutions and organizations.

7) To establish national and international relations in order to improve the rights and freedoms of the disabled, to be a member of the national and international top organizations of the disabled, to participate in the establishment, to carry out joint studies, to carry out joint campaigns and studies with aid organizations.

8) To become a member of the platforms established in its own field and other fields in accordance with the objectives of the Association, to establish platforms or to participate in the establishment of the platforms.

9) To take initiatives to provide free medicines, tools and equipment to the disabled who have insufficient financial means,

10) To carry out studies for the implementation of existing legal regulations on the employment of persons with disabilities, to increase the participation of disabled people in working life, to improve working conditions and other social rights.

11) Yasalarda değişiklik yapılması için teklifler hazırlamak, yasa hazırlıklarına katkı vermek, siyasi partiler ve ilgili tüm kurum ve kuruluşlarla görüşmeler yapmak, kamuoyu oluşturmak.

12) Temel eğitimden başlayarak, mesleki ve kişisel gelişim alanlarında engellileri desteklemek, eğitim vermek, eğitim almalarına yardımcı olmak, eğitimlerini sürdürmeleri için burs vermek, verilmesine yardım etmek.

13) To support the development of disabled people in terms of sports, culture and art, to participate in initiatives aimed at this goal, to be a partner; helping them get training, opening courses, workshops; to help them establish clubs etc. to exhibit their skills, to support those who are established, to organize tours, tournaments, competitions, to participate in those organized, to work to ensure participation.

14) To participate in all kinds of scientific studies for the disabled, to cooperate with scientific institutions, universities and research centers, to participate in joint studies, to prepare projects with the opportunities provided by national and international institutions and organizations and to implement them within the framework of the relevant legislation.

15) To open workplaces including protected workplaces for the disabled who do not have the opportunity to work alongside others, to establish cooperatives, to participate in established cooperatives,

16) To provide aids in kind or in cash to poor members such as food, clothing, cleaning materials, fuel, rent, housing, housing, household goods, etc. within the framework of the opportunities provided to our disabled citizens and within the scope of food banking, and to mediate in their implementation.

17) To generate income for the Association, to enable the goods and services realized within the body of the association to be offered to the market, to establish economic enterprises to create job opportunities for our disabled citizens.

18) To acquire movable and immovable properties in order to carry out works in accordance with the purpose.

19) To carry out studies in line with the organization of the Association throughout the country and to develop cooperation and cooperation with other disabled organizations.

20) To accept donations of sacrifices, to have them slaughtered and to deliver them to those in need.

21) To receive the donation of the sacrifice in kind and/or in cash, to accept the donation of the same sacrifice with the receipt of the same aid and the cash donation of the sacrifice through the banks

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